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Natural relief for Fibromyalgia pain - The N:rem sleep system review

Being a Qualified Complementary Therapist who then developed Fibromyalgia I am often asked what I recommend as a natural relief from fibromyalgia pain? 
People always want a herb or therapy to be recommended so often seem confused when I waffle on about posture, shoes, sleeping, what bra they wear, mattress on their bed. 
I am a massive advocate for natural healing outside of pharmaceuticals when possible but unlike some, I fully recommend both conventional and natural  methods to work together. Viewing illness holistically is what I am best at. Many people are happy to consume large amounts of pain killers for back pain when the problem is simply poor posture and a better bra!
People need to adapt their lifestyle and make modifications when they become ill. You need to strip everything within your utopia bare and think how this has an effect on your health and well-being. 
A good mattress and an adequate amount of sleep are paramount to life with chronic pain. I was, therefore, deli…

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