Fibromyalgia Bra for the Madonna Concert in my mind.

If I had the money to erect a statue this would have been placed outside Marks and Spencer today.
For a while now I have endured back pain that I knew what breast related as since Fibromyalgia I detest bras. They are so uncomfortable that I decided a while back to free the twins and let them roam happily. This is great in winter as you can hide boobage with baggy jumpers but during the summer months I struggle.

I cleverly select clothes that disguise the chest region or I endure the discomfort of a bra if I have to go out, soon as I return I swiftly do the bra removal that baffles the male species. It must have been a secret lesson in school titled "How to remove your bra whilst still wearing your clothes."

Today the upper back pain was raging and so I decided to practice what I preached as a massage therapist and buy a decent bra in the correct size.

For many years I was convinced I was a 38DD this was my pre fibro size. The logic molecule in my mind forgot the three stone I gained and that my already fat back got fatter.

My correct bra size is a 42C!
No wonder I convince myself I have costochondritis every time I wear a bra, it has been a tourniquet around my breasts.

Usually I opt for a pretty sexy looking bra so you can imagine my face when I tried on one of the total support range in Markies.

"What the bloody hell have you got on Ness?" I said to myself in the mirror of the changing room.

It is actually the Nanniest bra I have ever worn but Oooh it felt so comfortable. The difference was immediately noticeable and I began to see the benefits of ditching balconette underwired lace.

For me to wear a bra without underwire was odd.
For me to wear a bra without half my boobage spilling over the top like Babs Windsor dressed as a Milk Maid felt odd.

Yet it was so comfortable.

I stood there for a while looking at myself in the mirror then it happened. I smiled and remembered Madonna on the Blonde Ambition Tour in her pointed satin bra and I was there on stage with her in my mind.

So today in the changing room in Marks and Spencer I became my life long heroin, our Madge in the 1990 and I have worked this bra all day since like a true diva with my lifted pointed cone breasts.

How can a bra be so comfortable?

Marks and Spencer I actually love you.

Life is about being who you want to be and I refuse to be a Nannie in a full support bra, I am a Rock Star or a Vintage Pin up, not decided yet.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


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